Saturday, January 3, 2015

Fire Dance & Drums From West Africa 1989

For some reason...I was compelled to make this my first post of this blog. I started to wonder about the history of flow arts...and all the outlets that had info about them...didn't seem to cut the mustard for me. Knowing my roots and where life begin...has led me to question..."Did most flow arts come from Africa?" Searching the internet I had not much luck finding the history of each flow art. I know Poi has been linked to the Maori people of New Zealand...but it's odd how I can't find where fire twirling originated from. Just info about the modern styles of the arts. I'll continue to search because it's always great to know the history of what effects your moods. However during that small search...I did stumble upon this WONDERFUL video of a real African fire dance and drum performance. Soak in the message and enjoy.